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Oh, Something's Quiet- Ritalin Mix מילים ולחן: יונתן דגן

Oh, Something's Quiet (Feat Kelli Scarr(

Oh, Something's quiet now.

Is it inside my head?

As we're looking at the mirror together.

Something's quiet now. mmmm.

Oh, Something's silent now,

cause i'm wearing your pants,

and we're starring at the TV together.

Something's silent now. mmmm.

And as the day breaks,

The street below's alive

Someone walks a dog outside

afternoon sun wakes me up

you're having thoughts about my eyes - while i'm grateful for the sights.

I'm grateful for the sights.

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יונתן דגן

יונתן דגן

Vocals: Kelli Scarr

String arrangement & Cello: Yoed nir

Hats on 'Ritalin Mix': Ofer Levy

Programming/Guitars/Keyboards/Additional Vocals/Mix: Jonathan Dagan

Recorded @ The J.Viewz Studio, Brooklyn, NY


Mike Marsh,Nadav Katz

לירון פנחסי 0543-222-166