Ding Dong

מילים ולחן: Tamar Eisenman

I want to talk about now
but I keep writing about then
I tried telling you the truth so many times
hiding behind that fake old line
we’re in the letting go business
and business is high
competition is a blessing when you look it in the eye

We like sitting at home
looking like ourselves ten years ago
no babies in mind no mothers that cry no worries in life
say, what’s the difference between then and now
two wins in a row
and the sailors love song
but in Chinese
what perspicuous prose
Ding Dong

Don’t worry about it
just let it go
it will come back if needs to come back
you don’t know what you need anyhow let it be
let it stop

I’m on the shivering track
The water is warm from yesterday's storm
I’m the shivering mutt
mind what you ask
shortness of breath
shooting all the way to the stars
I couldn’t stand on my feet
so, I crawled to this foreign ER
but I didn’t let them take the blood
I was too scared of the results
But I knew deep down that there is nothing to worry about
we all go out