Something isn't right

מילים ולחן: דורון שפר

Something isn't right
Please daddy make the noise
Go away feel my hand shivering
Something's terribly wrong
With me or everybody else
For that matter watch those
Tears glittering
Isn't that nice
Won't you stop using that
Fashionable smile
Everytime I bleed
God knows it's the last thing
I need

Something isn't right
Please daddy I can't face
Another day in this race
I have no one to play with
I'm feeling something
Down my throat
C'mon man tell me I'm beautiful
Already never pitiful you know
We're on the same boat
For quite some time now
So will you please turn that
Dreadful big smile off
While you row
Listen to the undertow

And so we'll go down
Where all the puppets are real
And so you'll raise my face
In grace and order me to feel
Happy for the very first time
I wish that to be our final crime

Somehow I backed out
Yea daddy tried slipping
Out of my mind hoping for
A quick recovering
Not too much suffering
I think I'll never be ok
Well daddy guess I'll be
Someone else a little less
Wimpering I pray
Excuse me I say
If you please run that
Fashionable smile
By my face again
God knows it's the
Last thing remain